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Game: ON
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SP: x8 Exp: x8 Drop: x5


The classic version of the game without modifications. No pay2win, pure enjoyment.

  • Four box (client) per user
  • Buffers low level
  • No benefits for those who donate
  • Class learned by NPC and autoSkills


Welcome to Lineage 2 Euforia

{I am pleased to announce that today, July 25, 2022, a new Lineage 2 server opens.
This server has the objective of growing and not being abandoned. The server has the following characteristics:

Sp x8
Exp x8
Drop x5
Adena x5
Quest rewards x5
Spoil x5
GrandBoss x1
Normal boss x5
NPC for change class
Auto learn skills
Safe enchant 3
Max enchant 15
Buff 20 minutes
Song/Dances 5 minutes
Max client per ip x4
No subclass quest

Remember that to enjoy the server you must download the client at This link. Once downloaded, the LAUNCHER.EXE inside the game must be started.

The accounts are not auto-created, so first of all you must go to the web registration at this link.

Hand in hand with the L2Euforia team, we wish you all a welcome.}

Author: manu